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Where is the pick up location?

Planet Hollywood Tour Lobby is located just South of Main Valet.  If you walk out of hotel at Main Valet, walk left to the end of walk way.  You will cross the street and see a waiting area just ahead of you.

What time will the bus arrive?

Party bus is scheduled to arrive approximately 3 hours before game time for the party gate and 2 hours for transportation only.  Our goal is to get you to the Allegiant Stadium at least one hour before game time.  This will allow you the time to walk to the gate, and make it to your seats in plenty of time before kick off.

Is bottle service free?

Yes, you will have a host on board pouring your drinks.  It is unlimited. 

What is the age requirement to participate in the Party Gate?

For the comfort of all guests on board, we do not permit small children.  We recommend minors be at least 16 years of age and must be accompanied with an adult.  Parents may use their own discretion .  The bus is equipped with a stripper pole, and there is alcohol served on the bus to guests 21 and over.  Tommy Rockers will seat  minors and their guardians in an area away from the bar.

Can we leave personal items on the bus?

It is not recommended. However, if you need to leave anything the driver will remove it from the bus and place it in the back luggage compartment.   Vegas Party Gate or our drivers are not responsible however for your personal belongings.

What time will the bus arrive to pick us up after the game?

We have the driver make their way to the stadium mid 4th quarter.  However we do pay attention to the game, and if it is trailing in to overtime, we have the bus wait and the driver will start heading over at the end of 4th quarter.  

Where will the bus pick us up after the game?

We give you a designated area to congregate after the game 5440 S Procyon  (TKE) Parking lot.  See photos at the bottom of our HOME page gallery for a visual.  After the game, the parking is super congested.  It is best if you all meet at this one area.  

What happens if we get lost after the game?

You will be given the phone number to your host and driver.  If you have an iPhone, the driver can drop his location.  TIP: WHEN EXITING STADIUM CROSS POLARIS ST. DO NOT WALK UP OR DOWN POLARIS. BUS WILL BE ONE BLOCK WEST ON PROCYON!!

What is the best way to exit Allegiant Stadium?

When exiting the stadium use GATE 15  CROSS POLARIS ST. DO NOT MAKE A RIGHT OR LEFT.  Once you cross Polaris st, you will make your way to the walk way you entered thru.  The bus will be on PROCYON and DIABLO.  Procyon is one block from Polaris.

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