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Party Gate Experience

What to expect

Tommy Rockers
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The Party Gate Experience

Your Party Bus will pick you up at a designated tour lobby location on the Las Vegas Strip.

You will be notified of your pick up location via email.  Pick up locations will be Planet Hollywood (main valet party bus pick up).  Once you board your bus, you will be greeted by your host who will assist host in games, fun and drinks while on board the Party Bus in route to Tommy Rockers Las Vegas.  Once you arrive at Tommy Rockers, you will be invited to join in the festivities of food, drinks and fun for 2 hours.  Tommy Rockers is a fun welcoming party environment, great food, drinks, bartenders are fun, and watch all the pre game highlights on one of the several TV monitors located throughout the bar.  The team at Tommy Rockers is committed to providing exceptional service and make this experience one to remember!  After 2 hours of fun and food, if you do not have a game ticket, you will continue enjoying your fun at Tommy Rockers.  Game ticket holders will be picked up and driven VIP to the Allegiant Stadium.  You will be dropped off in the designated Coach area of the stadium.  Enjoy your game "GO Raiders!!" within 30 minutes after game is over, your bus will arrive at the same Bus location of the Stadium and the Bar to pick you up and drive you back to your original pick up point on the Las Vegas Strip. 

We promise to give you an event to remember!!!  See you Soon!!

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